Florentina Paduraru

I am a primary school teacher for 20 years. In the last few years I started to get involved in international projects with my students. I am currently an eTwinning ambassador and a Scientix ambassador. My activity in international projects was awarded with 2 national first prizes in 2017 and 2018. I want to do my best to help protect the planet.


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School: No 1 Secondary School Cristesti, Botosani 15 students are involved

Projects 2020

The world around me

                This activity is helping students to be aware of the world around them, to get them to stop and really see what is around them. One cloudy, cold, windy day we went outside and just observed the sky, the trees, the plants, the weather etc. Pupils had to draw something they saw, We were all impressed of what we observed- very few birds preparing to leave into a warmer country, few trees, a strong wind, the weather etc.. It was a great experience.


Images by Florentina Paduraru 2020-10-04Paduraru