Era Dogra

I am a seasoned educator with experience in IB and CBSE boards. I am a hard working , experienced and a dedicated educator who loves interacting with kids. I am committed towards using innovative teaching methods to make an abstract subject like mathematics fun and hands on.   I have attended several jodo gyan workshops and used their manipulative extensively in my lessons. I am responsible for: 1. Day to day lesson planning. 2. Fortnightly planning 3. Curriculum planning


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School: Genesis Global School 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-11 Year

Projects 2020

Meaning of climate change

Students researched about the difference between weather and climate. They then discussed about the changes in climate in their locality and talked to their parents and community members regarding the same. 

Further they wrote their own definition of climate change and the causes for it.

Effects of climate change- Week 2

Students researched on effects of climate chane on flora, fauna, wethaer patterns and human activity. One of the student also interviewed his parent to find out more and make connections to changes in local community.

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Collaboration with Aga Khan Academy , Hyderabad

Students of Genesis Global school, Noida and Aga Khan Academy , Hyderabad collaborated to exchange their thoughts and ideas about climate change.

Solutions for Climate change

Our actions!


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