Hi I Çelebi KALKAN in Turkey. I am a primary school teacher and have been producing solutions for sustainable development goals with STEM education with my students for 3 years.


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School: Hasan Polatkan Primary School 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 7 Year

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What is climate change?

Climate change is when the seasons are longer or shorter than we are used to. It is seen in the form of summer heat in winter and extreme rain and storms in summer.

İklim değişikliğinin sebepleri


Gıda Güvenliği

"Gıda Güvenliği, Herkesin Sorumluluğu”  #WorldFoodSafetyDay

Urgent things to do in solving environmental problems

An effective environmental control system should be established.
It should be ensured that future generations are raised with a good environmental education.
The number of non-governmental organizations should be increased in order to solve environmental problems.
Non-governmental organizations and public institutions should work together.
Planned urban areas should be created instead of unplanned urbanization.
Forests should be reproduced and protected.
Orderly and environmentally organized industrial zones should be established.
Efforts should be made to separate the garbage at its source.
Quality fuels should be used.
Effective laws should be established by the state to prevent environmental problems.
The staff of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry should be strengthened and they should work more effectively.
The primary duty of local governments should be to resolve environmental problems.
Incentive practices should be initiated for investments in the environment.
Information systems should be used effectively so that the effects of environmental problems can be monitored and evaluated correctly.

"Cities of the Future"

Our students shared their solutions to the problem of climate change in the live broadcast with the theme "Cities of the Future".


"tree planting day"

In our country, November 11 was declared as "tree planting day".


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