Edyta Borowicz-Czuchryta


I am Master of Special Education and a graduate of the Institute of English Philology at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Currently, I work as an English teacher at the Primary School in Szczekarków and as a lecturer at the College of Social and Natural Sciences in Lublin in the field of English-language BA Tourism and Hospitality Management and Business Management. For several years, I have been an experienced ambassador of the eTwinning program, running training sessions and workshops for teachers in the country and abroad. I appreciate the project method very much when working with children and young people. Project is a very universal and flexible method used in teaching English. I trained my didactic ability at the Teaching English to Young Learners course at the University of Maryland, receiving a scholarship from the American Embassy. In 2017 I became the BAS 2016 English Language Teacher in a competition organized by the British Alumni Society and Oxford University Press. The consequence of this competition was a fantastic time spent at the Mayfield School in Great Britain exchanging experiences. In July 2018, I joined the group of Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.

School: Primary School in Szczekarków

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Projects 2019

Towards better Future, step I

During the meeting within the first week we discussed the causes for climate change. Firstly students said what came to their minds, what they already know. Then we started looking for some information online. One students draw the process how acid rain work what happens. The students also mentioned some situations out of their background.