Vladyslav Kachur


I am an inspired teacher of foreign languages from Ukraine with 11 years of hands-on experience in education. I am trying to combine teaching and my public activity, which includes conducting different trainings and organisation of different educational events for students and teachers around Ukraine and the participation in international projects (Erasmus+, Schools for Democracy etc). To my mind, school and education have always been the ideal platform for bringing change to this world and making my small contribution into the development of my country and future generations. My constant source of inspiration are the following thoughts of American writer John Steinbeck who said: "I've come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and you know how few great artists there are in the world. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since its medium is the human mind and the human spirit." Isn't it incredible? As a teacher I shape the future working with today's children and believe that our world cannot do without caring teachers and students.

School: Vinnytsia Gymnasium № 6

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Projects 2019

Global Action Project. SDG #13. The Causes for Climate Change

The students of Vinnytsia Gymnasium # 6 from Ukraine had a great start to week 1 of the Climate Action Project.

We focused on the causes for climate change globally and locally in Ukraine. We learned about the climate changes using NASA, UN and Royal Society websites and developed the posters summarizing our research.

We are happy to be in a great team of world change agents that currently includes 814 schools in 98 countries involving 92,731 students.

ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 2

Week 2 of Climate Action Project is focused on the effects of climate changes.
The students of Vinnytsia Gymnasium # 6 explored the similarities and differences in how climate change is impacting our planet and our local community.
They also worked on developing a hypothesis/prediction about the local and global effects they think a warming climate may be having on flora, fauna and weather patterns based on the information given by NASA, UN, WWF and EU. As a result, they practised their presentation and scribing skills sharing their thoughts and findings with each other.

ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 3

This week my students brainstormed the ideas that can contribute to the solutions of eco problems in our city. We tried such methods as design thinking and mind mapping. As a result, we decided to launch #iCareChallenge (the challenge of eco friendly deeds) in social media, design mini eco posters to remind the students from our school to save energy and water, play in eco performance and participate in Climate Drops project in Ukraine. 


ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 1
ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 2
ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 3
ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 3