Dumitra Cazacu

Dumitra Cazacu

I am a geography teacher. I like trips to the mountains and the sea, and extracurricular activities with my students, through which I make them love and protect our nature, country and planet.


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 "Traian"High School Constanta
School: "Traian"High School Constanta 32 students are involved The average age of the students: twelve years old Year

Projects 2020

Let's live healthy on our planet

We tried to understand why people are trying to destroy our planet. We read about deforestation, about water and soil pollution, about the destruction and extinction of many species of animals and plants on different continents. And we found that man is the one who destroys the environment , to make his life easier, without thinking about the future of their children. In the end, We participated in a contest on how to keep a healthy  and clean environment.


Climate changes in Dobrogea

We notice every year howthe climate changes, becomes drier , the plants dry out, the crops dry up, plant and animal species dissapear. An example of climate change are those in NE Dobrogea, in the Danube Delta. In order to help reduce pollution and climate change, we planted trees and flowers in the school garden.


Deforestation and desertification

The loss od trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion , fewer crops, floods, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the lot of problemsfor the pupils.

Our planet, our future! Let’s fight together against the climate change!!!

Schimbările climatice constituie una dintre cele mai mari provocări cu care se confruntă în prezent omenirea. Nu este o problemă pe care să o putem amâna până vom avea mai mult timp sau mai mulți bani. Suntem datori cu toții să acționăm pentru a opri înrăutățirea climei. De măsurile pe care le vom lua acum depinde cum va arăta lumea peste 10-20-50 de ani. Noi, elevii din clasa aVIaB de la Liceul Teoretic ,,Traian" din Constanța, România, propunem cîteva soluții pentru a stopa sau a încetini încălzirea planetei noastre.


Images by Dumitra Cazacu 2020-10-22Cazacu
Images by Dumitra Cazacu 2020-10-22Cazacu