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Projects 2019

Preschool Institution ''Bosko Buha'' , Indjija, Serbia - Week 1

Our activities during the week 1 of a Climate Action Project - we made a power point presentation, with a story and pictures of what we were doing these days. Thank you for watching. Looking forward to make a video tomorrow. 

Preschool Institution ''Bosko Buha'' , Indjija, Serbia - Week 2

The effects of climate changes

This week children were very excited watching the map of the world. They were exploring and discussing about the effects of climate changes in different parts of the world. Also, they are very curious about animals and plants that exists in different countries. So, we made a collaboration with our librarian, who has found us wonderful educative books, which we were reading together, and everything we have seen led us to an interesting converasation. Childrens interest in this topic is beyond our expectations. Their answers to a question : What are the effects of climate changes? were also suprisingly interesting: they said that there are tornados, extreme heat, fluds, volcano reactions, ice and snow melting, extreme lightenings... Together, we made a table that shows What are the effects of climate change on flora, fauna, humanity and weather patterns. Teacher was writing, children were brainstorming. Than we discussed about changes in our country, and the world, so we made a sheme that shows What are the effects globally and locally. The next day, we were watching some photos of the world and planet Earth, and compared what it looks like when we take care of our planet and when it comes to change. Children were working in groups, and expressed their findings in drawings. Our Project wall is growing, and they are talking about everything we found out and learned in past two weeks of this Project. Can't wait for the next steps! Thank you for watching! Dragana Miljus 

Preschool Institution ''Bosko Buha'' , Indjija, Serbia - Week 3

This week we were talking about ecology, our planet, and how important it is to think about our activities. So we asked our children how can people prevent climate changes? How can we save and Take care of our planet? They were really active brainstorming, so we have got a various of answers and opinions : we must take care of plants, to use cars and motors less, more bikes and walks, we shouldn't throw garbage on the streets-we have different containers for different garbage. So one girl said: Blue is for plastic stuff. She lead us to recycling, and her explanation was that it is when you use something old and put of it you make something New. In further conversation they said that it is important to care, and not to throw garbage into rivers and seas because we must save animal who live there - they are very important to us. Then, one boy said that grown ups shouldn't smoke. Other boy had an idea that we have to plant a lots of trees, as much trees as we can,and that people should not cut the trees. When we are planting trees we are also making a home for some animals. Children also had some answers we didn't expect - if there is no electricity, they said, it is dark. We should spend it carefully. So one girl continued- we can use the energy of water, one boy said - or the wind. Then she remembered windmills. So, after the conversation, we were watching some pictures and we were reading books about ecology where we have found interesting facts. The next step was to make our action plan - the kids decided to: recycle, save el. energy and plant trees. They asked if we can do it, and we were happy to support them. We made a plan together-What do we need if we want to plant a tree? Children were thinking and then made a list : water, ground, sun, rain, spade, seedling and love! We really, really love the way they think. So, we will organizme planting next Week, as soon as we provide everything we need. Next step-they started turning off the lights in our room and bathroom when we don't need it. Then, we made action in the entire object, all groups involved - we invited parents to join us collecting old paper that we are going to exchange for seeds ( flowers and trees) in cooperation with society of environmental engineers. So this action is in process. All of our thoughts, ideas and plans we were drawing, made collages and lists, so we expanded our Project wall. Also, we made poster presentations called "Why trees mater?" and "Save the planet". Two actions of our plan are happening, and we are extremely excited participating this project, and making plans for planting next week. We will send our impressions. 

Preschool Institution ''Bosko Buha'' , Indjija, Serbia - Week 4

Week 4 - it's time for action! In our object, seven groups Planted seven trees - liriodendron tulipifera. We had a donation, and Planted trees in cooperation with organisation of young people from our town called "Inđijativa". First, we were reading a story "The giving tree", an we were dancing to a song about planet Earth. Then, children made wishes for our tree, and we went outside to plant. Feeling was perfect, children were so happy, and when we planted our tree, they posted their wishes - to have a lots of sun, and rain, to grow big and strong, and to be healthy. They also wanted to give our tree a lots of love! They were hugging and nurturing the tree, and they said that when it grows up we will be sitting underneath and enjoying fresh air :) So, every day we go outside and water our tree, giving it all the love it needs! In next period we are expecting more seedlings from our recycling action :) It was such a pleasure being a part of this project! 


Week 3
Preschool Institution ''Bosko Buha'' , Indjija, Serbia - Week 4