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School: PSGR Krishnammal Nursery and Primary school, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu India 500 students are involved The average age of the students: 3 years to 11 years Year

Projects 2021

Climate change and causes of Climate Change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world ”

Introduction: We are lucky to be a part of the solution in climate action project from PSGR Krishnammal Nursery and Primary School, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Today’s situation in this scenario we want to protect the environment but we have to change the situation to create an environment that protect us for future…

What is climate change?

Climate change describes a change in the average conditions such as temperature and rainfall in a region over a long period of time. NASA scientists have observed Earth's surface is warming, and many of the warmest years on record have happened in the past 20 years.

What is your definition of climate change?

Climate change is a change in the usual weather found in a place. This could be a change in how much rain a place usually gets in a year. Or it could be a change in a place's usual temperature for a month or season.

What causes climate change ?

*The main problem is pollution and deforestation Change the natural climate into drastic…

*The cause of current climate change is largely human activity, like burning fossil fuels, like natural gas, oil, and coal…. Burning these materials releases greenhouse gases into Earth's atmosphere…

*Due to the emissions of green house gases the climate change take place .The water level in dams ,river ,ponds decreased…people are not getting enough water to drink…In future it lead to drought… *Forest fire happen in some places…

*We are not getting experience proper rain fall…

What is your personal connection to climate change?

The state of Tamil Nadu is a weather-sensitive pocket that experiences different flavors of seasons throughout the year.

*Pre -Monsoon. *Southwest Monsoon.

*Post Monsoon or Northeast Monsoon.

*Winter season.

*Summer season. Tamil Nadu fills under Tropical savanna climate and smaller portions of the state fall under Humid subtropical climate; the climate of the state ranges from dry subhumid to semi-arid.

We are living in Coimbatore, here the climate is always very warm and cool climate because the hill station The queen of Hill Nilgiri (Ooty) is located near the Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu…

We feel very pleasant weather over a long period in all season…

Week 1 (September 27 to October 03)

Action report:

* Online class explanation of PowerPoint presentation of what is climate change definition?

*What are the causes of climate change? Given through Google meet for all classes from KG to grade V

*Students activity regarding climate change given…

✓Poster making


✓Placard making

✓Students voice to protect climate change …Collecting the students view regarding causes of climate change in local and making long list of it .

✓Video explanation of climate change in world wide…

Effects of Climate Change

                                      PSGR KRISHNAMMAL NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL

Climate change effects week 2


Effects of Climate change on weather:

Rising global average temperature is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns. Scientific studies indicate that extreme weather events such as heat waves and large storms are likely to become more frequent or more intense with human-induced climate change.

Effects of Climate change on Plants:

Climate change can affect agriculture in a variety of ways. Beyond a certain range of temperatures, warming tends to reduce yields because crops speed through their develop- ment, producing less grain in the process. And higher tem- peratures also interfere with the ability of plants to get and use moisture.

Effects of Climate change on Agriculture:

Agriculture is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Higher temperatures eventually reduce yields of desirable crops while encouraging weed and pest proliferation. Pests management become less effective, meaning that higher rates of pesticides will be necessary to achieve the same levels of control.

Effects of Climate change on Health:

Climate change increases the risk of illness through increasing temperature, more frequent heavy rains and runoff, and the effects of storms. Health impacts may include gastrointestinal illness like diarrhea, effects on the body’s nervous and respiratory systems, or liver and kidney damage

Effects of Climate change on Environment:

Climate change may aggravate erosion, decline in organic matter, salinization, soil biodiversity loss, landslides, desertification and flooding. The effect of climate change on soil carbon storage can be related to changing atmospheric CO2 concentrations, increased temperatures and changing precipitation patterns.

Global warming:

Global warming, the gradual heating of Earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere, is caused by human activity, primarily the burning of fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. …


Drought is a prolonged dry period in the natural climate cycle that can occur anywhere in the. world. It is a slow-onset disaster characterized by the lack of precipitation, resulting in a water. shortage. Drought can have a serious impact on health, agriculture, economies, energy.

Melting glacier:

Melting Glaciers. A glacier is a big chunk of ice that is created from falling and accumulated snow over a period of time. ... Due to heat changes, especially to relatively high temperatures, the Glacier melting occurs – a process where the ice changes from solid to liquid or water.

Sea level increase:

As the rising ocean erodes the shoreline and floods the areas in which coastal animals live, animals like shorebirds and sea turtles will suffer. Their delicate nests may be swept away by flooding, an especially big problem for endangered animals like sea turtles that can’t afford to lose any offspring.

Wild fire:

Common causes of wildfires include lightning, human carelessness, arson, volcano eruption, and pyroclastic cloud from active volcano. Heat waves, droughts, and cyclical climate changes


Wild habitats affect:

When a habitat is destroyed, the carrying capacity for indigenous plants, animals, and other organisms is reduced so that populations decline, sometimes up to the level of extinction. Habitat loss is perhaps the greatest threat to organisms and biodiversity.

Decline of water level:

Climate change impacts the water cycle by influencing when, where, and how much precipitation falls. … Increasing global temperatures causes water to evaporate in larger amounts, which will lead to higher levels of atmospheric water vapor and more frequent, heavy, and intense rains in the coming years.

Solution for climate change:

Tree plantation:

Everybody needs a friend." "The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." "Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being." "Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing.




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