Dana Guckin

New Jersey

I am a 6th grade special education teacher in Florence, New Jersey. I teach language arts and math in a pull-out resource room in the morning; in the afternoon, I "push in" as an inclusion teacher for social studies and science. I love teaching and learning new ways to enhance my students' education.

School: Riverfront Middle School

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Projects 2019

Climate Change Slideshow

Students worked in groups discussing questions such as "What is Climate Change?"; What causes Climate Change?"; What can we do to stop or control Climate Change?" They were given 10+ minutes to discuss and research each question, using prior knowledge as well, and would post their answers on post-its to each poster. 

Climate Change FlipGrids

Students worked in partner groups to interview eachother about climate change. They discussed what it is, what causes it, what they can do to stop it, and what it means to them. They made ~1 minute Flip Grid videos to record their interviews.