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School: La Purísima EFI Valencia 34 students are involved The average age of the students: 17-18 year old Year

Projects 2022


While our fight against climate change is far from over, as teacher I feel optimistic: the Planet Earth has what we need to prevent a climate disaster - by giving Ss a voice & get them inspired by an innovative spirit with #ClimateActionEdu Schools're innovating a sustainable future.

My students got involved as never they did before, we've delayed because they didn't  know much about the real issue. We are going to  submit the 2nd week late as always ;) but it is such a reward to see they are getting involved, so it's the best that we can pretend through education, through climate literacy

Effects of climate change IN SPAIN: Valencia. Intergenerational testimonies

As always we are late... but the work, the discoveries and the enthusiasm of the students during these last 2 weeks have to be enhanced.
They analyzed very well the effects of climate change observed in the region of Valencia, 3rd largest city in Spain bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The 4 areas were treated: fauna, flora, human activities and meteorological aspects.
They ended with personalized interviews with elderly people to really see the impact of these effects. Very nice and instructive videos (*in Spanish, French and Dutch) have been posted in the presentation. As teacher, I must say that it is so lovely and sweet but at the same time kind of overwhelming to watch my students exchanging real facts about the drastic effects of climate change...

URL to Video on OneDrive

Connecting with students in other countries & continents.

My students and I are thrilling about the next connections with:

-INDIA, Pratibha Dhole on 10th, monday

The exchange was really interesting in spite of the sound interference. We learnt from a far away country with different culture and traditions but yet with the very same interest in trying to strive and do their best in understanding the global issue of climate change: its possible solutions and actions from schools to change the trend of the effects that affects fauna, flora, ways of life together with weather patterns.

Brazil, Suelen Cristina on Tuesday, 11th

Ss're connecting the 2 previous weeks on the effects & causes of climate change to a global analysis beyond their local communities: Stunning & compelling virtual exchange session with Brazil : Well done really!!!️

- Russia, Kate, Ekaterina Tarasenko on 17th, monday.

Significant virtual exchange Russia~Spain, Ss've presented the destructive Effects of Climate Change️: Melting sea ice, eroding coastlines, extreme weather: temperatures along the Russian Arctic coast've increased by 5°C since 1998.

Thx Ekaterina!

An exicting week ahead... Please watch our presentation: a nice video had been posted!!! ;)


We are in a particularly inspiring phase: students know by now that we are going to hit a wall and it is time to mobilize. They 've been learning the impact of the human species on ecosystems, leading to the end of stable living conditions on Earth. Overpopulation, lack of water, lack of fossil fuels, global warming will launch millions of desperate poor people to flee their countries if we don't start to act. Here some examples of concrete responses to the environmental and social problems of the early 21st century. Students brainstorm to start implementing initiatives. Each one demonstrates creativity, resourcefulness and solidarity.


Worshop: Beeswax food eco film. The benefits will be for the construction of a school in Kapsabet, Africa.

#PlantEd: In February we will go to the Sierra Calderona like every year for each student to plant trees