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My name is Roibu Daniela Florentina and I am a teacher for primary education at the Gymnasium School Nr. 6 Suceava, Romania. I have 29 years of experience in cadastre and I am permanently open to change. The time we all go through is a challenge for me!


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School: Școala Gimnazială Nr. 6 Suceava/ România 24 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 Year

Projects 2020

We are small, but strong!

Our project, an integral part of the CLIMATE ACTION project, aims to be an awareness of the youngest students that they are able to take measures for a better world through creativity, empathy, a spirit of collaboration in solving problems. The time has come for the big people to be helped by the little ones in solving the problems of climate change. Through play and story we can give birth to innovative solutions in this regard!

We are small, but strong!

Through the cartoon "A RADIUS OF HOPE", the students of the preparatory class find out who is the "Monster of global warming", and who is responsible for its awakening. I meet GES friends: methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Find out that they, being in excess, produce global warming. Realize that our salvation is TREES !!!

We are small, but strong!

This week's virtual meeting took place between our school, the Preparatory Class from the Gymnasium School Nr. 6 Suceava - Romania and Heritage Internationa School from Chisinau - Republic of Moldova, 3rd grade. It was a successful meeting through which students discussed climate change and realized that saving the planet is in their power.



We are small, but strong!

Together we will save the Earth!

Preparatory class from the Secondary School Nr. 6 Suceava ended the fourth week of activities within CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT.
The main goal of the project is to educate young schoolchildren who are creative, empathetic and collaborative in solving problems related to climate change. Students I see in the future!
From recyclable materials, the little ones made the most beautiful toy objects!
Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

We are small, but strong!


We are impressed by the scale of your project and we are honored to contribute to its smooth running.

Climate change, the "Global Warming Monster" is causing real disasters.

Analyzing this problem together with the students, we came to the conclusion that we humans are responsible for the destiny of the planet EARTH.

Everything is in our mind and will!


1) Development of centers of expertise in the field of CLIMATE CHANGE;

2) Study disciplines in schools to make students aware of the dangers that await us if we do not take action in this regard;

3) Aggressive media campaigns.

We are small, but strong!

It's great that young people on 6 continents can connect virtually and try to find solutions to one of the world's most pressing challenges: Climate change!

If we all join forces, the mentalities of society regarding this world problem will be changed and the Earth will be saved!

I have a lot of questions in mind:

- How long do we need to save the Earth?

- Are humans a real problem for the planet?


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