Miss Dada

Dagmara Konopkova

Co-teacher: Sara Pessarodona
I'm an enthusiastic IB Pyp teacher who has just moved to Barcelona Spain. I love my.kids having agency in their learning while discovering how they can help the world.

School: Sek International Catalunya 52 students are involved The average age of the students: 9-10 Year

Projects 2020


We brainstormed about the meaning of Climate Change, using a picture of polluted Kathmandu as a provocation. Then we listened to Prince Ae and his Sorry: message for future generations. Then we noted down words that pop into our mind when speaking of climate change and then sorted them out into our own definition of climate change. We made a few versions. In the end, we decided how we would show our understanding. Some students made a video explanation, some designed a poster, some made an online booklet and others wrote messages for future generations. 

Climate change in Catalunya, Spain

This week we inquired about the climate change in Catalunya and its impact on our daily lives. Students used different resources in order to find out the biggest climate change problem in our region. They also found out about animals that no longer live here and discussed the effects of climate change here.


This week we connected with schools in Mexico and Brazil and compared our findings about Climate change. Other topics like current pandemic situation arose too. Students spoke in Spanish with Mexican students and in English with Brazil.


This week students decided how we can contribute to the cause and fight the climate change. Some students worked individually, some in pairs and some in groups. They came up with ideas such as planting plants in pots using recycled material, creating energy with lemons, making a diarama of the healthy habitat of the North Pole. They also used recycled materials to make posters and art and they raised awareness by writing a pledge. Many students also opted to use Minecraft in order to desing an eco friendly city, farm or even an eco car. 


Images by Dagmara Konopkova 2020-10-12Konopkova
Images by Dagmara Konopkova 2020-10-12Konopkova
Images by Dagmara Konopkova 2020-11-03Konopkova
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