Colette Cotton

Co-teacher: Denise Judd
Large coastal primary school in a socially deprived area of South East England, 5 minutes walk from the famous White Cliffs, can see France on a clear day across the English Channel. We are fortunate to have large school grounds in which we have a Forest School. We have embedded Global work and the SDG's across our curriculum. We participate in the annual RSPB 'School's Bird Watch' every January/February. We have held the British Council's International School Award continuously since 2005 and p


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School: Folkestone St Mary's CEP Academy 84 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-11 Year

Projects 2020

What is Climate Change?

Pupils in 4 groups thought about & discussed what they thought Climate Change was.

Working on Climate Change through SDG 13 

Older pupils asked 10 people what they thought it was & brought their answers back to the next lesson to share on the Video.


Causes of Climate Change

Younger pupils..5-8 are looking at the causes & affects of Climate Change


Images by Colette Cotton 2020-10-07Cotton
Images by Colette Cotton 2020-10-07Cotton