Claudette Phillips

Teaching Environmental Science, and Geography classes at Nepean High School, in Ottawa Ontario.  Our school built in the 1920's, is a neighbourhood school to approx 1,100 students in an urban part of the city.  In the past I have had classes participate in the Canadian Geographic's "Classroom Energy Diet", the Learning Foundation's "Global Solutions" project, and I am learning and discovering new ways to introduce the SDG's into the classroom.   This project seemed


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School: Nepean High School 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 17 yrs old Year

Projects 2020

Urban Tree Canopy Study.

A study of the urban tree canopy in our school neighbourhood.  

The school is located in an older established neighbourhood with lots of old trees. 

1.Students recorded information on the number, type and size of trees on different house lots within a two block radius of the school. 

2. Using a measuring tape and clinometer, they measure the height and DBH of trees in a linear park in the neighbourhood, and then attempted to calculate the basic amount of carbon stored in one of their sample measurements. 

3. We then moved to one of the streets in our neighbourhood that has recently undergone a transformation with lots of infill housing replacing the older homes, and considered the streetscape with larger houses on lots and the different type of landscaping and space for trees.