Carmen Clay

Co-teacher: Mark Clay
I retired from teaching service learning and Spanish to help with my grandchildren.   My grandchildren are attending in-person pre-school and Kindergarten in Massachusetts where I am exploring a permanent move.    I am adapting the curriculum to 3- and 5-year old minds without any elementary education background.  My grandchildren and I will be participating for the second year.   Last year, my grandson got his parents to start composting, rec


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School: Homeschool 2 students are involved The average age of the students: Pre school-kindergarten Year

Projects 2021

Week 1 2021

September 27-October 4th

Understanding of weather and climate-related seasons is improving from last year.  We connected climate change/global warming to NASA's "The Earth has a Fever."  See process and notes of children's reactions at Climate Action Challenge 2021.

Thomas's big conclusion this year is that gasoline from cars is a big cause of climate change.  Carbon monoxide released into the atmosphere is warming the earth's surface which in turn is warming the oceans and killing sustaining life.  He sees electric cars like the one his dad bought as part of the solution to help lower the earth's temperature.


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