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We are the 5th grade form the Bilingual Program and we are pleased to be engaged in this project! 


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School: Colégio Positivo Master 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 9 and 10 years old Year

Projects 2020

Climate actions 5th grade Positivo Master Brazil


We are 5th grade students from Brazil and here are our goals to help the Climate Action Project!


Creating a folder to explain Climate Changes

The 5th grade group decided to create a folder with some informations about the effect on climate changes all over the planet. They also had the opportunity to search more information and to discuss the possible ways of change.

Exchange meeting with Porto, Portugal

It was a special day to have the opportunity to talk about Climate Action with a group of students from Porto, Portugal.

They told us the projects they have over there and we had the opportunity to share our projects as well. We also prepared a presentation about our Country and the South of Brazil where we live in.

Climate Actions Solutions 5th grade from Brazil


We're 5th grade group from Brazil and after discussing and researching about solutions to clime changes we created a video with our tips.

We hope to help built awareness about this important issue!


Images by Camila Rodrigues 2020-10-19Rodrigues
Images by Camila Rodrigues 2020-10-19Rodrigues
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