Camelia Dochie

Co-teacher: Daniela Dicianu
I am a teacher of English in a high school with bilingual classes of English. So far, I have done European projects on volunteering and environment. I am interested in raising awareness on environmental and educational issues

School: "George Calinescu" High School, Constanta 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 15-19 Year

Projects 2021

Who is guilty for the climate change?

The students tried to realise what, who causes climate change and how long this has been happening. They did that by remembering their own deeds that might do harm to nature (littering, wasting water and electricity, using the car instead of walking or riding a bike etc.). Some of them shared their suggestions and advice they give to their families and how effective their actions were. 

Partnership with a school from the Republic of Moldavia

The students had a video conference on Zoom  with students from The Theoretical Lyceum "Mihai Eminescu from Drochia, Republic of Moldavia. Their teacher is Ala Ciubotaru. They exchanged ideas and experiences on Climate Change Project on October 12th. The students expressed their deep interest in environmental problems in their country and hoped for a better future concerning global warming, pollution and recycling. 

What can we do?

Students came up with different solutions to reduce pollution, littering and use of plastic. Although most of them do not attend science classes, their imagination produced all kinds of equipment to help nature recover . The final conclusion was that raising people's awareness of major global problems is the most effective solution.


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