Bronwen Bron

South Africa
Co-teacher: Catherine Hanbury
I work at ISCT in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a Year 3 Teacher who is passionate about holistic education. I run the KeyStage 2 Environmental portfolio where our goal is to educate the Keystage in real word climate problems, come up with solutions and act upon them to make a difference. 


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School: International School of Cape Town 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 8-9 Year

Projects 2021

Beach Clean up in Cape Town

ISCT has been working on climate change and actions that make a difference. This project we did was to clean up a local beach. This beach is on the edge of an international shipping lane and harbour and so it becomes a collecting point for not only plastics in our oceans but clothes and many other items including dead animals that have wash up or died due to eating the rubbish on our shores. 

This was a whole Keystage activity and lead by myself and our Environmental Portfolio of Year 6's.  We started with the Year 6's thanking everyone who came on their weekend to help us. They educated them on why we are doing this and explained procedures. 

After 3 hours of cleaning up, we loaded 18 black bags full of rubbish into my car to be disposed of correctly. 

Children of all ages came to help. Through action and discussions, they realised how dirty our oceans are. This lead to further discussions with family and friends about what they found and how items like plastic straws should not be used in their homes any longer as it might just find its way into our oceans. 


Images by Bronwen Bron 2021-10-06Bron