Bernadine Reeb


Elementary teacher in Canada using SDG's to guide curriculum. N.Geographic Certified Educator, MIEE, Skype Master Teacher, Student Voice through Flipgrid enthusiast.

School: St. Louis Elementary with French Immersion

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Projects 2019

What is Weather? What is Climate? Flipgrid code: a1d25683

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A Flipgrid topic with Word Analogies that show our understanding of the difference between weather and climate. 

Weather is a/the........ and Climate is a/the............

FlipCode: climateactions  Join ours by adding your own word analogy!

Screencastify on Google Slide Collaboration

Students select books in a collection in then they use to talk about what they think is important to learn about climate change and how it is affecting our earth. They also give ideas about what we can do to prevent climate change. 

Here is the Google Slide Collaborative Presentation