Arti Qanungo

Co-teacher: Vandana Gupta
Nature has enough for our needs, but it cannot fulfill our greed. It's high time we are talking about the climatic changes and blaming each other for this. It's time for REAL ACTION. So let's stand on our toes and protect our mother earth. I want to be a part of CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT to stop mass extinction of flora and fauna. ARTI QANUNGO TGT(ENGLISH) mail ID GGSSS SCHOOL BLOCK SHAKARPUR MOB. 9910556221 PROFILE SNAPSHOT Selected among Top 50 Finalists of Gl


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School: GGSSS SCHOOL BLOCK SHAKARPUR 500 students are involved

Projects 2020

Climate Change and its Causes

Effects of Climate Change

Collaboration of students with different schools

Students were really enthusiastic to collaborate and connect with the students of other school 

Baby steps to save our environment

My Students understand that they should not wait for others to take steps to save our environment. They have themselves adopted some small measures which  they call baby steps

My Earth

I love my Mother Earth 

Climate change

If uou want to bring the change  , first be the change

My students have understood that we are because of our environment.  So if we want to live we must save our environment 


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