Aprajita Ralli

Uttar Pradesh
A group of 26 focussed students working towards direct action to protect the environment

School: Pathways school Noida

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Pabitra Pal

Projects 2019

the action plan

Students of grade 9 pathways school Noida have committed themselves to work in different manners Direct, indirect, for advocating to save the environment. They plan and execute, they review what they have been able to achieve and then they set realistic goals .it is a fine example to student agency. 

Posters making taking action

Children formed a group, they sent out mails from the club to appeal to the other children for action ... Students were asked to send posters to create awareness on climate action. 

following the action plan

Teacher support is provided to the student from time to time, but largely we give space for students' voice and choice. We have been taking stock of what our children have been upto. it has been an interesting journey so far. They will be engaged with their chosen cause for the current academic year