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School: MPS CBSE Poonam nagar School 20 students are involved

Projects 2021

Global warming and climate change

Global tree planting #plantED

           "Vanmohotsav" is celebrated as a week long tree planting festival ever year in the first week of July across India. Millions of trees are planted by citizens with enthusiasm. The Celebration of "Vanmohotsav" is an opportunity to exibit social responciblity in us towards safegarding trees and forest. Our students at MPS CBSE Poonam Nagar Mumbai Express their love for trees by taking part in a number of activities organize by the school, like "Each One Plant One", poster making and speech.  

Causes and effects Globally. (Biodiversity)

        Climate change is affecting the habitats of many spices a slight change in average temperature has a significant effect on ecosystem. Deforestation is a human activity casing a massive impact on biodiversity.

Specific environmental issues

Save energy at home, use public transport, walk or cycle, reduce use of meat eat more vegetables, reduce reuse and recycle, waste management ozone layer depletion. Use wind and solar energy.

Collaboration with Millenium school Faridabad

Our school collaborated with Millenium school Faridabad and we had exchanged ideas and information of both the states in INDIA   regarding climate chane causes,effects, solutions also we ended with question answer session  zoom link :-https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75334690588?pwd=eFkyK0h5bDFFaXNTdzVhNnFPNmpxUT09

solutions for climate change

students prepared placards andwrote reports for press to create awareness among the people. 


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