Aprajita Ralli

Aprajita Ralli

Mrs.Aprajita Ralli,an educator for the past 26 years provides staff development training &support in technology integration, instructional design, and e-learning in K-12 learning spaces. She  has a Master of Arts in History,a Bachelors in education,A teaching and leadership certificate in Instructional &Curriculum design & Instruction and a vast experience in Educational Technology & E-Learning. Having been a secondary school always educator and now a Middle School Coordinat


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Class of 17 @grade 9 IBMYP 4 pathways school noida
School: PATHWAYS SCHOOL NOIDA , 17 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 years Year

Projects 2020

Effect Of Climate Change

We, the forces of nature have come up with the negative impacts climate change has on us and how we are causing that

Potential solutions of climate change

Our presentation of week 3 and 4 covers the same topics. Hence, attatched the presentation for both weeks here

Week 5 10575


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