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Co-teacher: Doros Ana Angela


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School: CENTRUL ȘCOLAR DE EDUCAȚIE INCLUZIVA BECLEAN 5 students are involved The average age of the students: 9-10 age Year

Projects 2020

Danube Delta and climate change.

The main cause of climate change is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. To combat this cause, reducing emissions has become a priority for all countries in the world. Romania, in turn, must act quickly both to combat the causes (by reducing emissions) and to reduce the effects (by adaptation actions). This is the reason why the Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has developed the National Strategy on Climate Change.

„Poluarea mediului”

O planeta curata!

Week 3 was a new and beautiful week for my students. Following the discussions we had and the videos presented, they understood the causes and effects of pollution on the environment. Following the observations, the students represented by drawing what they really want for the environment: a planet. clean, clean air, a healthy environment in which to develop and grow harmoniously.

Reciclăm, ne jucăm și planeta o salvăm!

As in previous weeks, we talked to students about climate change and its causes. The students understood that in order to prevent future problems regarding a better life, they found potential solutions, namely the recycling of different materials, the sorting of waste and the arrangement of green spaces, etc.


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