Ana Maria Balazuela


I have been working for a nonprofit for 3 years and I believe in sharing awareness to the young generation in order to make an impact and provide positive change in the world. WLSA Foundation is a nonprofit institution focused on promoting International Education around the globe with more than 50 secondary schools as associates joining conferences, activities and exchange programs. It has built its own school in China with a unique sino-western curriculum and where we encourange students to be doers and makers in order to make a global impact.

School: WLSA Shanghai Academy

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Projects 2019

What is Climate Change? - by WLSA Shanghai Academy G10 students

In this creative video, some WSA G10 students explain what is the difference between Weather and Climate and if Climate change is caused entirely by humans or just it only worsen it.

Climate Change Effects - by WLSA Shanghai Academy G10 students

Here our students show how the global warming is getting severe year by year and how it is affecting on our lives and nature.!2~A

Local Plant Area - Creating more greener spaces

WLSA Shanghai Acadmy students made a research and realized that Shanghai needs more greener spaces and they will start implementing actions in their own school in Baoshan campus.

To watch their interview:



Local Plant Area - Creating more greener spaces
Planting our own garden