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School: Association "Treći kamen od Sunca" 7 students are involved

Projects 2021


I talked to the children about nature, about changes in nature. We talked about the seasons, the changes of the seasons.
The characteristics of the seasons - clothing, weather, weather conditions, precipitation, fruits - fruits and vegetables, fields, water ... we compared.
We put together the puzzles of the seasons. We talked about the air temperature, the weather forecast, we looked at the weather forecast ... We talked about the climate in Subotica, we got acquainted with the characteristics of the continental climate. Then we posed the problem Have any of you heard about climate change? and started researching on the Internet ... We watched a children's film about climate change and began to notice what is badly affecting climate change from our environment. We drew ...

We... task 2

We talked about the importance of plants on planet Earth. We learned what tools we need to plant trees. We decided to plant corn and wheat in the room. We learned through the steam method. We guessed what would grow first: wheat or corn. We assumed that the plants would thrive better if they had sunlight or if they were in the dark, if they were watered or without water, do they need care? We prepared the necessary material and planted it. We nurtured the plants and after a few weeks they started to grow. We were all happy. We agreed that with the help of our parents we would plant a tree in our yard or in the yard with our grandparents.

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Week 3

I talk to children about the causes of global warming. I encourage them to decide for themselves what harms the planet Earth. We watch short films on the subject. We are finding solutions on how we can contribute to reducing global warming and preserving the planet. What we can do through daily activities. We talked about recycling, we recycled paper. It was a great experience for the kids.

week 4.

We talked with the children about how we can contribute to combating climate change (as much as we can and in accordance with the age of preschool children)
To save water, electricity, plant trees, recycle ...

week 5

We organized an online meeting with children from kindergarten "Zvončica". We talked about the activities we do on the topic of climate change, looked at cartoons together, showed toys made from recycled material...

week 6

We watched a movie with the children about planting trees. How is a tree planted and nurtured? We decided to plant one...


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Images by Ana Pertet 2021-11-02Pertet
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Images by Ana Pertet 2021-11-02Pertet
Images by Ana Pertet 2021-11-02Pertet