Ana Madic

Co-teacher: Kristina Potic
I work in a kindergarten with a group of children who come every other day. I love children and I love my calling. I want to exchange experiences with colleagues from other backgrounds. The collaborator on the project is a kindergarten psychologist.


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School: Preschool institution ,,Cika Jova Zmaj" 32 students are involved The average age of the students: 4 - 5 Year

Projects 2022

1 st week

We talked with the children about the difference between weather and climate, did experiments and brought the children closer to why it is important to talk about this topic.



Presentation of the second week of the project

We researched encyclopedias, melted ice, made a volcano experiment, did recycling, planted a plants in the kindergarten yard.


We watched shows about the causes and consequences of climate change. We explained causes and effects in two ways. We made a panel with cut pictures from newspapers.In a 3 d installation made of recycled and natural material, we created effects, causes and effects. We organized a workshop with parents and planted flowers. Then we recycled bags and made the planet Earth in the yard and decorated it with the flowers we planted. Interactive dramatization story "Lake". We developed environmental awareness. In a workshop with dads, we made Eco cars in the kindergarten yard. Using the paper mache technique, we made a flying balloon. 

Week 4 28905

In the fourth week, we rode bicycles, planted onions and strawberries in the kindergartens, exchanged solutions for the preservation of the planet Earth with all the employees in the kindergarten, and made our own windmills in the yard.


We received a board game as a gift from the kindergarten pedagogue. We talked about the beauty of bees, visited a beekeeper and learned about the accompanying equipment. We looked at windmills and learned how important they are. We made planet earth by recycling. We hung out with the horse, rode, rode in the trailer. We had a Zoom video call with the kids from Brazil. We made a weather calendar where we recorded the weather during the week. We made an eco school game. 

Week 6

We made a table and a chair out of plastic bottles and a mosaic planet out of blue and green shutters to decorate our table. We organized the planting of 5 spruce trees in the kindergarten in cooperation with the "Serbian forests" with their donation. Together with our parents, we made eco-costumes from materials that can be recycled: newspapers, bags, shoelaces, snack bags... We walked in costumes around our city with posters to draw the attention of people in our area.


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