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School: Instituto Victoria Ocampo

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Silvana Carnicero

Projects 2019

Factors that contribute to climate change.

Students from IVO school have been working on different natural disasters that hit our planet as one of the main causes that produce climate change.  This week, they will give you information about how these disasters are caused and where in Argentina they tend to occur. 

Consequences resulted from natural disasters in Argentina.

We have been studying different moments in which Argentina  experienced  natural disasters and could find a variety of pieces of news that serve as evidence of the effects of climate change on our planet. 

Possible solutions

Students are still working on their investigation connected to possible solutions in order to lessen the number of victims natural disasters leave. 

Climate change and natural disasters: possible solutions.

Students have been working on solutions in order to lessen the number of victims affected by disasters that hit our planet. 


Working on the project