Ana Ivetic

Ana Ivetic

My name is Ana Ivetic. I work in the kindergarten for 7 years. I work in many project, about ecology. 

The nature
School: Kindergarten "Stonogica" 16 students are involved The average age of the students: 4-5 Year

Projects 2021

What is the weather? What is climate change? Teach me!

In the first week, the children learned a clear difference between weather and climate. We played many games, imitating wind, rain, storm, snow. The parents of the children also joined the project. They lent us books, globes...

At home, they also talked to children about climate change. So, one child told his mother how he saw a polar bear sitting on a small piece of ice. When his mother asked him what would happen to the bear if the ice melted, he said he would swim away. The question remains where the bear will go if the land at the North Pole disappears?

What is a volcano? How to save animals?

This week, we learned about endangered animal species and the effects of climate change. Specifically, we talked about the gases emitted by volcanoes, which are increasingly erupting and directly affecting global warming. To help clean the air, we planted plants.

Water pollution and deforestation

Through many experiments, we learned what water pollution is and how it can be prevented. We also learned what deforestation is!

Art saves the planet!

In order to help the planet, to protect it from pollution, we have created slogans that will easily reach those who want to listen. So that the word would not be just a letter on paper, we illustrated all the slogans and translated them into six foreign languages.

We make a difference...

We recycle, we save. We save paper, trees, water, electricity. We are small, but we are strong.

What we learned?

With the quiz we came to the conclusion about what we learned. We have learned a lot, but we keep going.


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