Ana Fonseca

Co-teacher: Elisabete Gomes

School: Escola Secundaria Almeida Garrett 56 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-17 Year

Projects 2020

Research on Climate Change evidence in V. N. Gaia and the world

First students watched a short video clip on the project to bring awareness to the topic. Students worked in pairs and conducted a research to find evidence of climate change and listed some of the causes, local and global, supervised by the teacher of Biology-Geology or English. They worked collaboratively on a Padlet and later made a video with the collected pictures. 

Effects of Climate Change 11 F

First, the students watched videos from schools in 3 different continents. Then, they brainstormed ideas about the Effects of Climate Change in pairs and added their contributions to a padlet as well as at least 2 pictures per pair. A video was afterwards made and published in Youtube. The school is also using the participation in this project as a dynamic for Eco-Schools. 

Planning to plant a tree

Students watched some videos from other schools in other continents and also "How tree planting can help reverse climate changer";

There was a debate on the importance of trees and afterwards students collected  seeds from cork oak within the schoolgrounds. The seeds were submerged in water to germinate and to be planted as soon as it's possible. 

Solutions for Climate Change Problems

It was suggested that students would make pictures or small videos of actions which promote finding solutions for the climate changes, such as walking rather than driving, planting rather than buying in shops etc.  All pictures were uploaded to a padlet as well as a list of possible solutions. They were also dared to think out of the box, making their own suggestions or finding some, which they did. 


Climate Action Project: Manifesto / Webinar

We told students that we will be calling on mayors to make a pledge and asked them what they thought should be part of the manifesto. They made suggestions of what to ask the mayors to agree on. Since our schedules won't allow us to participate in the webinar, we requested our youngesters to make suggestions of the questions they'd like to be answered. They worked in pairs or individually but always keeping social distancing. 

United for the Climate

This past week students brainstormed ideas they relate to Climate Change using Mentimeter and they prepared to participate in a Skype meeting with a Romanian school, which took place on the 4th November. Some students and the 2 teachers attended some conferences from the webinar hosted by this Project.


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