Ana Belén Yuste

My name is Ana Belén Yuste and I have a degree in Environmental Sciences. I have been teaching biology since 2008. I currently work at the IES Consaburum in Consuegra (Toledo, Spain). I have been head of studies since 2017.


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School: IES Consaburum 7 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-18 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project 2020/21 (week 1)


During this first week of participation in the Climate Action Project, we have obtained a definition of climate change, analyzed its causes and seen our connection with it.

Climate Action Project 2020/21 (week 2)

Climate Action Project (week 3)

Third week of our participation in this internacional project. The online connection with other students has been the best. A wonderful experience.

Climate Action Project (week 4)

After analyzing the causes and consequences of climate change, this week it was time to propose solutions at the individual and collective level, as well as to think about what we can do from our classroom

Climate Action Project 2020/21 (week 5)

We have described and prepared the materials for our proyect to stop climate change.


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