Amruta Ghayal CAP Educator and IBDP/MYP/IG Biology and ESS Teacher

Amruta Ghayal

Hello Everyone, I am Amruta Ghayal. I am an IBDP and IGCSE Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies teacher at RBK International Academy, Mumbai, India. All of us at my school are excited to begin our Global Climate Action Journey. I believe we teachers are the one's who can really influence young minds and we should do as much as we can to equip the younger generation with values and skills required to efficiently face the challenges of the future. All the best!


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School: RBK International Academy 200 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 to 16 year olds Year

Projects 2021

Climate change causes and personal connections

We at RBK International Academy, Mumbai, India conducted several sessions for our students from Grade 4 to Grade 11 on the topics revolving around climate change. Our students participated enthusiastically and have come up with some amazing products. They have made posters, infographics, videos to reflect on their own understanding about climate change and have focussed on local causes of climate change in Mumbai. They plan to work towards mitigating the effects of the causes of a local environmental issue. We also conducted an intraschool workshop where our older students shared their experince about climate change with the younger one's 

This is our link for the Wakelet where we have added all the work done by our students  - 

Planting and Waste Segregation

RBKIA Students took up the activity of planting/watering trees and tending to their gardens. They also segregated waste at their homes and disposed it off properly. As per the lesson plans some of our students conducted intergenerational interviews with their Grandparents and older relatives which were very successful and we all enjoyed them. Our school also organized a Spin the Wheel competition where students apoke about climate action and other SGD's. Our older students conducted workshop for younger students and explained the importance of climate change to them. A couple of our students raised awareness about saving Mangroves of Mumbai

RBKIA International Collaborations

Our Students enjoyed Week 3 of the Climate Action Project by collaborating Internationally with students across various countries like Malaysia, Ukraine, Macedonia, USA, Cameroon, Portugal and so on. We all shared our CAP Journey with each other. We also discussed the environmental issues that threaten our local commuities and we found many similarities between our local problems. We also discussed the effects and then brainstormed some solutions which we all can undertake to fight climate change. All in on these were wonderful sessions and we got an opportunity to connect with students all over the World. Some of our students also interviewed their older relatives and aquaintances staying in other countries on Climate change issues and how climate has changed over time. 


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