Alis Mocanu

Co-teacher: Claudia Negulescu
I'm an enthusiastic EFL teacher at a Secondary School from Romania which has the Green Flag award by Eco-Schools. I hope to create an opportunity for my students to experience being part of a global community to take action for a common goal.


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School: Liceul Teoretic "Henri Coanda" Bacau 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-18 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Change

Climate change_Week 1_Alis Mocanu

Climate change_Week 2_Plant a tree

We talked about the effects of Climate Change locally and planted some trees in the schoolyard.

Week 3_Climate Change

Students connected with other students from Turkey and Spain and talked about environmental issues.

Climate Change_Week 4

We had interactions with students from Italy and Brazil and talked about potential solutions for climate change and specific environmental issues.

Climate Change_Week 5

Virtual (live) interactions between students from Liceul Teoretic "Henri Coanda" Bacau and Liceo Statale "Don Gnocchi" Maddaloni.

Climate Change_Week 6

Actions: Send a letter and plant a tree


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