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School: Centrul de Excelență în Energetică și Electronică 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 15-18 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1: Causes of Climate Change

This week the students understand the difference between weather and climate and they find the definition of climate change. The students understand what human activities are most responsible for climate change and that they will need to learn what causes climate change, how those causes are measured, and whether humans are
contributing to those causes.
Students created a video and added causes to the list of causes.

Week 2: Effects of Climate Change.

In the second week, the students review our definition of climate change and our list of causes of climate change. The students watched videos submitted by other classrooms and students to help develop understanding of climate change across the world. We explore the effects of climate change on our planet at local levels, Republic of Moldova, Chișinău. The students begin to understand effects of climate change at local levels on plants, animals, weather patterns, and human activity. They played a game in learningapps to distinguish the causes and effects of climate change. 

To save the planet, we joined the #plantED action (global tree planting) and decided to plant seven trees today on the territory of the educational institution!

Week 3: Causes and Effects Globally

In this week we a organize the first virtual conect with wonderful students from Romania and Portugal and shared our oppinions about Environmental Issues! 

Week 4: Solutions of Climate Change

In this Week the students are beginning to offer solutions to address the climate crisis. Because students learn a technical specialty in the institution Center of Excellence in Energetics and Electronics, we considered the possibility of switching to energy efficient lighting bulbs. 

We created our solar light: that could use light refraction during the day to light houses while storing energy to a battery to be used at night.

We are inspired by Ines Rodrigues "Create your solar light".

Week 5: Actions

This week we focused on describing the future of our planet. Students have identified what the planet will look like in the future. We analyzed the examples from Benjamin Zephaniah and Kae Tempest. We watched the Future Visions film together and we use it as the basis for a class discussion. The student are completed the worksheet, they use their imaginations and share vision of life in the future. 

We did a braistorming to propose solutions for the future, to have a balance between nature and people.

Week 6: Actions, Climate Action Day

In this week, the students joined together with a community of changemakers to share, learn, build, and acts about climate change. Students printed flyers to share the message „Save the Blue Planet” and some solutions. They communicated about the project activities and actions with another team participating in the project from the same institution. 

We joined for the Global Climate Action Day for Students and were impressed by the speeches of the famous people.

Thank you so much Koen and Jen for this opportunity.


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