Abeer Qunaibi

Hebron- Palestine

I'm Abeer Qunaibi a wife, mother and teacher of math in Palestine. My educational background includes a MSc in Applied MAthematics. I have been chosen the best teacher in Palestine 2016, One of Top50 finalists 2017 global teacher prize, and Varkey teacher Ambassador .I try to build up my students to become global citizens and to lead the change of their life and community.

School: Wedad Naser Deen Secondary School

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Projects 2019

week 1 "brainstorming"

In the first week, students talked to their families, teachers, and friends about climate change in the world, then they searched online on the internet and read articles.
Students shared information from their research, discussed as groups about the importance of meeting the challenge of climate change and began brainstorming for solutions.


climate action " awareness+ solutions" week 2

In the second week, students prepared topics about climate change in Palestine and shared information in the morning during the radio with all school students.
They prepared and designed wall magazines that were placed in school corridors so that everyone could read them to raise awareness about climate change.

Plant for the Planet "week3"

In the third week, as a solution to the problem of climate change, the students participated in the PlantEd project and worked in cooperative groups in the school garden to grow a group of decoration plants as a first stage.
The second phase will be followed by planting other trees in the spring.

innovations "week4"

In the fourth week to November, students will develop scientific models and projects based on scientific research to reduce environmental pollution and raise awareness in the community about the environment and climate change.


climate change- week2
solutions pollution occurs by transportation
solutions pollution occurs by transportation
Climate action-Palestine