Şenay Alnıkızıl


School: Terakki Vakfı Özel Şişli Terakki Tepeören Ortaokulu 10 students are involved

Projects 2021


  1. I selected 10 voluntary 6th grade students to participate in this project.
  2. I made a presentation to our students about climate change. We took students’ ideas by asking “how is the weather today, how is the climate?” After asking questions about what iclimate is and what  weather events are, we made the definition of climate and weather event. After discussing climate change and weather change, I asked the students to make a definition for climate change. I asked the difference between climate change and weather change to the studentsi and after listening to their answers, I eplainde the difference between them. We made a brain storming session about the reasons for climate change. We descussed the reasons behind this change and the role of human activities for climate change.
  3. Students discussed the reasons for climate change and prepared a list of it. They indicated thich reasons were dut-e to human beings. They shared the climate change reasons list with their class mates.
  4. We showed some videos to the students to increase their awareness about climate change.
    1. Climate matter video ( Prof. Dr. Levent Kurnaz)
    2. TEMA climate change video-2
    3. NASA video about global warming
  5. Students showed some pictures of the effects of climate change in our country.
  6. Students prepared a survey about climate change and made it with their families. In the survey, they compared the temperature change between summer and winter, rain falls, birds’ migration time from past to present.
  7. Students found words from a to z that climate change evokes and made brain storming about those words.
  8. Students prepared posters to raise awareness among the students in the school.
  9. Students prepared a voiced cartoon by means of scratch application to raise awareness.
  10. We designed an experiment to understand the effect of carbondioxide gase to the atmosphere. I explainde the green house effect nd green house gases to the students before making the experiment. We spoke about the rise of carbondioxide gase amount in the air, which is also a green house gase. We discussed about the possible effects of rise of carbondioxide gase in the air. We concluded that rise of  carbondioxide gase amount, which is especially produced by using fosil fuels, absorbs more sun light and thus makes the air much warmer than needed and eventually causes global warming.
  11. We completede the first week studies.


  1. The students involved in the project prepared their own lists by researching the effects of climate change and made a presentation to their classmates about the effects of climate change. Before starting the presentation, we did a brainstorming about the effects of climate change. In the presentation, they explained the effects of climate change one by one.
  2. We conducted an experiment to observe carbon dioxide emissions and to understand the importance of balanced amounts of carbon dioxide for the natural cycle.
  3. I designed an experiment to help students understand the greenhouse effect. Before starting the experiment, I explained the working principle of the greenhouse where plants are grown. After completing experiment we discussed with the students what different human activities could be that cause climate change.
  4. I emphasized that our forests should be protected in order to prevent deforestation, which is one of the most important causes of climate change, and the importance of planting trees. I stated that trees use carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by photosynthesis and produce oxygen. . I explained that deforestation as a result of human activities such as harvesting wood and clearing land reduces the Earth's ability to capture carbon from the atmosphere and increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. After removing the seeds from the pine cones brought by the students, we put them in a beaker full of water and observed whether the seeds could sink in the water. We take the seeds out of the water, wrap them in a damp napkin and put them in plastic cups to germinate. After our seeds germinate, we will plant them in pots.
  5. Our school gardener introduced the trees in the school to our students. He said that there are around 1000 trees of 150 species in our school garden. He stated that thanks to the gratings around the school, rain water is stored and this water is used to irrigate trees and grass.
  6. We designed an experiment to help students understand that when the earth's atmosphere stores too much heat, glaciers will melt and therefore sea level will rise.
  7. A student of mine worked with his friends using a device that tests the properties of window glass that will save energy and reduce global warming. My student explained that one of the glasses in the setup is "ordinary double glazing" and the other is "energy efficient coated double glazing".
  8.  In order to increase the awareness of our students, after making presentations and watching videos about the effects of climate change, we prepared banners explaining the causes and effects of climate change and displayed them in our school corridor.
  9. The students who carried out the project prepared posters about the effects of climate change using web 2.0 tools and made presentations to their classmates.
  10. https://wordwall.net/tr/resource/23125884/stop-climate-change

Our students, who carried out the project, prepared a quiz show using the wordwall web 2.0 tool to inform their classmates about the effects of climate change.