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School: Karaaba Şehit Bayram Aksu ilkokulu 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 8 Year

Projects 2022

What is climate change and its causes locally

With my younger age group, we watched animations and videos about climate change appropriate to their level. We stopped and talked about it. I tried to form something in their minds about what climate change is. Afterwards, we investigated the causes of climate change on a local basis. We made banners. We tried to draw attention and explain what we were doing in the corridors, garden and classrooms throughout the school.

effects of climate change

We watched animation and video content about the effects of climate change and realized the global tree planting event.

Online conversation with Ukraine

We talked about the work we have done by establishing cooperation between countries and brainstormed. It was important in terms of teamwork between countries and the opportunity to talk about my climate change activities.

Solutions to climate change

We played two new games to find solutions to climate change at our own level and turn it into practice. One is the waste recycling game and the other is the renewable energy resources game. Extremely simple but effective.

Microplastic cleaning game

We learned about the microplastic substance and related game of the science magazine, which we followed as a class this week, and learned with fun. In addition, we communicated our activities and works to each other by making online meetings with other stakeholders in the same team in the project. We exchanged ideas.

Climate Action Manifesto

We prepared our Climate Action Manifesto and had it signed by the mayor. We got the word for what needs to be done at the local base. We explained the work we did throughout the project and promised to help in the implementation of the municipality's "Zero Waste" project.