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Co-teacher: Sait Kara
Benim adım Çiğdem, Mersin'de İngilizce öğretmeniyim, projeler yaptım, iklim değişikliği, nedenleri ve etkileri ile ilgileniyoruz, bu konuda deneyimliyiz, bunun üzerinde çalıştık. bu proje. Saygılarımızla


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Kocahasanlı Anadolu Lisesi Erdemli/Mersin,Turkey
School: Kocahasanlı Anadolu Lisesi 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-19 Year

Projects 2020

What causes the Earth's Climate to Change?

Hunan activities are one of the causes of climate change.Humanity's increased use of fossil fuels,coal,oil,gas.Deforestation is one of the causes.Because living trees absorb and store carbon dioxide.

What are the effects of Climate Change?

The most important consequence of climate change is the increase in the average temperature of the world.There are numerous effects on human,animals and plants.

Virtual Exchanges

We arranged 2 virtual online meetings on Zoom web2.0 tool.We came together with Romanian students from Colegiul National ''Simion Barnutiu Salaj,Romania and Ankara Keçiören Social Sciences High School' students from Turkey at 11 a.m on 15th October 2020 and firstly we met,introduced ourselves,our school,city,country.Then we talked about Global effects of Climate Change.

We arranged a virtual online meetings on Zoom web 2.0 tool.We came together with Romanian students from ''Henri Coanda'' Secondary School from Bacau,Romania and Ankara Keçiören Social Sciences High School' students from Turkey at 11 a.m.on 16 th October 2020 .We met ourselves,our city and talked about global effects of Climate Change.We made presentations and our students played a game on kahoot collaboratively.


Solutions of Climate Change

It was given some informations about solving of climate change on this presentation video.

Virtual Exchange - Solutions of Climate Change

We came together on 28th October 2020 with Ankara Keçiören Social Sciences High School's students.And we talked about climate change and the solutions of it.And also,we have worked on linoit board,we played puzzle,and voted on Mentimeter.

What comes to mind when it comes to climate change?

Our students voted on Mentimeter web 2.0 tool



We wanted our students to write the solutions about the climate change on linoit board


We organised a puzzle competition for our students 


Online Meeting

We came together with people all around the world.They spoke about climate change.I and my students followed lively.Thank you very much for this precious presentation


The students planted tree in our school garden on sixth week.And we shared on social media to raise awareness.




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