Melissa Flynn

I have been teaching Sustainable Urban Food Systems and Culinary Arts at DePaul College Prep since 2020.  Our class focuses on growing regeneratively in our school garden and cooking with the season.  We dive into the impact that conventional agriculture and our personal choices have on the environment. Prior to joining DePaul Prep I was the Executive Director of Green City Market in Chicago, IL for six years, one of the largest sustainable farmers markets in the United States. Wh

School: DePaul College Prep High School 75 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-18 Year

Projects 2022

DCP Climate Action Project Week 1

This week the students of DePaul College Prep High School discussed what is weather, climate, climate change, and the causes of climate change. DCP Week 1 Climate Causes

DCP Climate Action Project Week 2

Causes of climate change that our students identified. 

DCP Climate Action Project - Week 4

Working through solutions for clmate change. 


Images by Melissa Flynn 2022-10-23Flynn