Vandana lulla

Co-teacher: Neena Punjabi
We at Podar international school believe in being the change 

School: podar international school 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-12 years År

Projects 2021

causes of climate change

The learners scaffolded their learning by beginning with discussion on climate and weather similarities and differences they then went on to debate on boon and bane of green house gases .the learners of grade 8 did a case study on the aarey forest destruction for the construction of Mumbai metro. Grade 9 learners did an analysis on the changes in CO2 levels using data Mauna Loa lab observatory at Hawaii islands.


The learners collaborated and planned a zoom meet for age groups 11-13 and 14-16 to discuss the effects of climate change at a local and global level .They researched and shared their work on climate change in their Area and region.
The schools from Spain ,Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India were some of the countries that participated in the discussion .The learners also shared their understanding on a Padlet. They also pledged to be responsible citizens and move forward towards sustainable development .

solutions to climate change

The learners made posters on recycled paper and held an exhibition to create awareness on how to be the change and be proactive in inculcating habits which will reduce green house gas emmisions and thus decrease global warming .

the students collaborated with Pakistan and spain and Sri Lanka and shared their posters and paintings to come up with solutions locally and globally 

The students of podar international school had a live discussion