Stefanie Herregat

In the Middle School, the students get 2 hours of study exploration each week. We have integrated the climate action project because the future jobs will have to do with climate to a large extent. All 50 students are divided into 7 groups. In each group there are 7 tasks that move every week: a material master, an accountant, a group leader, a silence master, ... In this way we teach our students (12-13 years old) to work a little in group / team and discover which talents they have in group wor


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School: Middenschool Bredene 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-14 År

Projects 2021

Week 1 Onderzoeken!

During the first week, the students were divided into climate action groups. They investigated the causes and made a film about the definition of climate change.

Week 2: Oorzaken en effecten!

Week two mainly consisted of continuing work on the assignments from week 1, including an animation film about the climate experts. Add causes and effects to the longest list.

Week 3 Oplossingen!

The third week was all about choosing a cause or effect for which the climate groups want to work out a solution. Today's ideas: A robot that can extract the raw materials (oil) from plastic, plant extra trees on school grounds, ...