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School: Shishuvan International School 1 students are involved

Projects 2021

Causes of Climate Change

Students have used their research skills to research climate change and how it is affecting our planet. They came up with their own meanings of climate change. 

PYP 2 - Effects of climate Change

For week 2, students revisited and reviewed their definition of climate change and a list of causes of climate change they learnt. I showed them work submitted by other students from different schools to understand climate change across the world. One being from UAE, where students from Delhi Private School (Sharjah) were working on saving the forest since they live in a desert. Their focus was to protect trees and find out more strategies to increase the green cover on the earth. Furthermore, students discussed the effects of climate change and wrote the answers to the prompts given in the 2nd week's activity and collated them on a padlet. They also explored the effects of climate change on our planet at local levels like floral, fauna, and then reviewed it by sharing their understanding on padlet. 

As a part of action for week 2, students were encouraged to plant trees, create a poster and prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the effects of climate change.


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