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Co-teacher: Snehal Sharma


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School: Ashoka universal school, arjun nagar 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 9 years to 12 År

Projects 2021

What is ClimateChange?

Our students of Ashoka Universal School (India) have created a reel (Video) on what is climate change for them and what are the causes of climate change...?




Week 2 20494

Our students of Ashoka Universal School (India) have created a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION on the EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE.



Poster Making

Our students of Ashoka Universal School (India) have done Poster Making on causes and effect on  CLIMATE CHANGE.

Potential solutions for Climate Change

Virtual (live) interactions between students: students share findings and solutions

A Virtual (LIVE) interaction was held on 29-10-2021 on MS TEAMS. This interaction happened between 19 schools.


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