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School: Sanjivani International School 50 students are involved

Projects 2021

Climate Action Project - Week 1

Change is inevitable but not at the cost of environment.
Climate change is happening and it's for real.
Sanjivani Students are groomed to challenge this change in small sure steps.
Love for the environment, consciousness of carbon footprint are small valueable habits that will surely create a change for the better.

Week 2 Climate Action Project



Continuing with the Climate Action Project at Sanjivani International School, Kharghar, students this time addressed on how to curb and control the electronic waste management.  Primary students  briefed about utilization of a maximum number of electronic devices which leads to huge quantities of electronic waste for disposal. E-waste includes large and small household appliances as computers, televisions, mobile devices, lighting device, electronic games, and even devices which measure metabolic rate. Students briefed about the hazardous nature of e-waste which is one of the rapidly rising environmental problems of the developing country as well as the developed country. Activities based on the same were conducted to take effective steps to control e waste.


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