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I am Monica Joshi, IT Head, Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. I am an SDG enthusiast as are my students, and it inspires me to take this as a challenge. Currently, I work to promote SDGs through projects for my students, teachers, and support staff. I am an MIEE [Microsoft Innovative Expert], MIE Master Trainer, Minecraft Global Mentor, and MEC Guest Speaker. Recently, I was selected for E2 – Microsoft Education Exchange, held at Singapore. I had presented a #Teachtalk at Edutec


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School: Sat Paul Mittal School 580 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 years to 16 years År

Projects 2021

CAP 2021- Causes of climate change

Activity- Know your carbon footprint 

The children would be asked to do a worksheet that would help them know their carbon footprint, thus making them aware of how they are also contributing to the climate change. They would then take up the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint using challenge sheet. 

Effects of Climate Change- SPMS CAP Week 2

The teacher would explain that the energy resources available to the countries for the year 2021-22 have already been used by the month of July. Earth Overshoot Day was 29th July, 2021. 

To conserve energy and contribute positively towards the climate change, let’s celebrate the Earth hour week. (18th October to 24th October) 

The teacher would discuss the effects of climate change with the students using the PPT.  

Activity- Intergenerational Interview 

The students would interview their grandparents to know the conditions of environment, animals, plants and human health during their time i.e. 30-40 years ago. 

Students would create poster on either the causes and effects of climate change or Solutions for climate change. 


Virtual Connection with students across the globe- SPMS CAP 2021 Week 3

Virtual meet was held with students of Israel to share the causes and effects of climate change.

Expert Workshop on Climate Awareness and Nest Making

Workshop by renonwed environmentalist , Mr. Rakesh Khatri


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