Mariana Lenuța Bumbaru

I teach first grade students and I care a lot about ecology and health. I try to develop an echological behaviour in them.

School: Școala Gimnazială Nr 22 Galați 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-8 År

Projects 2021

Children message for slowing the global warming

After talking about the primary causes of climate change and global warming, my students made drawings and videos using Chatter Pix about this subject.

Effects of global warming

We talked about the relation between cause and effect and the students identifyed the main effects of global warming. then, they chose one effect and made a drawing to emphasize it.

Our solutions

Creating good echological habits and discovering nature in it`s beauty

Looking for solutions to slow global warming

We browsed through other classes and teachers solutions and then we made a list of our own personal actions.

Critical thinking about climate change

We had a debate about our bad  behaviours that causes climate change, using parctical and daily exapmles, like, for example, using baby wipes and throw them into the toilet, or waisting water and electricity. Kids were very receptive and found out many other bad habbits that they didn`t realised they have.

Reflection and taking action time

In the 6`th week ,even if we were on vacation, we took time to get outside and observe the nature arround us, study the beauty of the autumn colours and creating messages from natural elements like leaves, branches, cones, nuts in the international event Outdoor Classroom day. Children took their messages in their families and made commun engagements of personal echological actions.


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