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Co-teacher: Ganga Anand
I am a IB PYP educator teaching Grade 5 students


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School: Indus International School, Bangalore 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-11 years År

Projects 2021

Week 1- Causes of Climate Change

What is climate change?

What is the difference between climate and weather?

Long list of causes of climate change.

Effects of Climate Change

Effects of climate change are:-
-Air Pollution
-Environmental Issues
-Less trees
-Decrease in the population of Animals
-Temperatures increase because of that glaciers will melt
-Rising Sea Levels
-Change in the weather pattern
-Natural Disasters
-Humans get sick due to the climate change
Effects of climate change locally:-
Climate Change effects the local community by a lot of pollution and there is a lot of lose of greenery. Like Once Bangalore was called the garden city but now it has really less greenery.
Effects of climate change Globally:-
Climate change does affect globally because scientist have found out that more than half of the climate change is from India and china. It is most likely that the climate change ns from these countries because they have the highest world population and if there are more people there will be need of more recourses

Climate Action Project Week 3

Making connections and finding solutions