Jayashree Venkatesh

Co-teacher: Prabhjit Kaur Chhabra
Hi.... My name is Jayashree Venkatesh. I am from Gurgaon city, Haryana State, India. I teach Grades 4-6 Mathematics. Though I have been associated with different aspects of education and have involved myself with creating awareness about UN SDGs.. Climate Change is one of the most important goal that we need to tackle on priority. The reason for this is, Climate Change causes many of the problems and issues around the world... whether it is poverty, economic slowdown, destruction of infrastructu


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Suncity School
School: Suncity School, 37D 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 8years - 15years År

Projects 2021


It has become vital for all of us to take step to combat Climate Change. To that effect, our students are torch bearers who are going to learn, educate themselves & others by raising awareness for themselves, their family, their community and beyond. How every SMALL STEP will create a HUGE IMPACT.


Impact of Climate Change locally. Though the effects are same Globally as well.

Causes & Effects of Climate Change

Probable Solutions to Combat Climate Change

Brainstorming, Collaboration and Research by students of Grade 8 - Probable solutions to combat Climate Change

Live Interactions - Collaboration between different schools

Live Interaction between students from different schools helped understand different perspectives and arrive at common findings and solutions

Culmination of the Climate Action Project

Letter to the Agriculture Minister & Webinars


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