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School: Liceul Tehnologic de Constructii si Protectia Mediului 29 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-17 yars År

Projects 2021

Causes og Climate change

The activity took place online. After all the students logged in to the class, they found out a series of information about this project. Then with the help of the powerpoint presentation they found out about the causes of global warming. They participated in open discussions about defining climate change, watched videos about the difference between weather and climate, actively participated in random questions from the wheel. Thus, at the end of the activity they followed the different definitions of climate change, being able to define this phenomenon themselves.

The effects of climate change

Being online, the activities are more difficult for both students and teachers. Thus, the participating students received in chat a link to access, the link being a Padlet presentation with the effects of climate change. These presentations are made in an attractive and interactive way for the participants. After the presentation, the students participated in open discussions, answering the questions proposed in the lesson plan for the second week: - How can I build on prior learning to connect to new ideas? - How is climate change impacting my local community? - How can accessing multiple perspectives provide new direction for action? We then focused on exploring the effects of climate change on our planet at local levels. Finally, students begin to understand the effects of climate change at local levels. on (1) plants, (2) animals, (3) weather patterns, and (4) human activity.