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Cherry Goh

Co-teacher: Dewi Sivasamy
I teach Science and English in my school. My students' age, ranges from 13 to 17 years old. In 2003 I graduated from University of South Australia with a Pharmacy degree. I am very passionate about teaching Science to my students especially regarding topics that are related to Biology and Chemistry. It is so great to see the wonder in  children's eyes when they relate my lessons to their real life experiences. This shows that they are able to apply their classroom knowledge in


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Form 2 SBPS
School: Sri Bestari Private School 84 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 År

Projects 2021

How my students define climate change and their general perspectives regarding this issue.

Form 2 Dalton students.

My first group of students are from 2 Dalton. There are 5 of them: Akif, Bernice, Kay Venn and Shakira. 

They each have their own view of climate change and have tried to explain it briefly in the slides. They have even outlined some of the common causes and effects of climate change towards the environment and humans. 

Effects of climate change globally and planting trees

For week 2, group 2 students researched about the effects of climate change in Malaysia and around the world. They have also planted a tree and took a video of their project in the hopes that it will inspire more people to plant trees. However, during the presentation, they've discovered that trees are not the main living organism that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. In fact, plankton is the main living organism that contributes a big percentage of oxygen in our atmosphere. These creatures are part of marine creatures. Hence, they have also mentioned that curbing the water pollution problem would be even more crucial to preserve these planktons in order to combat climate change.

Causes and effects of climate change globally and environmental issues associated with climate change.

This week's project was done by Group 3 from another class. The students from this group were tasked with researching on the major causes of climate change and how climate change has affected other parts of the world. Students found some common causes such as food waste, deforestation and industrialization. Other than this, students also found images and articles on the global impact of climate change, such as severe drought in some countries, floods in countries near the coasts and severe heat wave (for example in Europe years back). 

Students have also highlighted some environmental issues which are related to climate change e.g. deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Students were asked to relate the topic back to carbon-oxygen cycle and the types of animals (poikilothermic and homeothermic) and their methods of survival with increasing temperatures on Earth.


Finding the solutions to help in slowing down the progress of climate change.

Group 4 (Chloe Teoh, Mika Aidan and Danial) were tasked to research for solutions to help combat climate change.

They emphasize on controlling the amount of food waste, plastic uses and deforestation. Other than this, they've an organization called Solar Impulse Foundation which specializes in researching and approving of green technologies which will help in climate change move.


Virtual Sharing with schools from India

On the 14th of October, 2 Bernoulli had a virtual sharing session with Children's Academy Thakur Complex, India. At this point, we've managed to complete till week 2 task. Week 3 task was assigned to another class. It was a very enlightening experience. It had motivate us to improve on our presentations and points regarding climate changes.

On the 25th of October, 2 Dalton and 2 Aristotle had a virtual sharing session with another Indian school, Mumbai Public School. By this date we,ve completed all 4 weeks' tasks. 2 Dalton introduced about Malaysia and presented about definitions of climate change. 2 Aristotle presented about the causes, effects and solutions for climate change. I am satisfied with all my students' presentations. It seemed that they have better understanding about scientific concepts which brought about climate change.


Klothlifestyle on recycling used clothing and recycling plastic into fabrics.

On the 2nd of November, I've invited Adelyn from Klothlifestyle to share about her organization's effort in helping to combat climate change. This organization actively participates in recycling old fabrics, clothings, shoes and etc. It has also started to recycle plastic materials into fabrics. On this day, we've learned that Malaysians dispose of few hundred tonnes of clothing per year and it is indeed polluting the environment. The main problem about these discarded fabrics is that they are made of microfibre which is actually plastic. And, when they reach the ocean, marine animals will feed on these microfibre. As a result, we are also ingesting plastic from our food. 

My students were also asked to prepare slides on how they are helping to reduce food waste, reduce water pollution and reduce plastic pollution. In summary of this project, I think my students are more aware of the many causes, factors, effects and solutions for climate change. This project is very educational and has helped to create awareness amongst my students.


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